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  • New edition of CVCT !

    The Global CardioVascular Clinical Trialists Forum (CVCT) is well-known in Europe, where for 12 years it has been bringing together leading experts in CV clinical trials to talk about the challenges faced by investigators,industry, regulators and academics as they plan, design and conduct the trials shaping future medical practice.


    Since 2014, it's America's turn to discover the CVCT experience. Held in the US for the first time, the regional audience showed great support for this meeting, making up 74 % of the delegation. Strong high-level participation from regulatory and governement agencies, in particular the FDA and NHLBI, meant that all stakeholders could exchange in a free and open debate with renowned leaders in the field, examining in detail the background of knowledge leading to the design of major trials.


    Also, this year too, a CardioRenal session will be organized with the support of INICRCT network.


    Mark your agenda now on the 30th November for this year's edition - three days of vigorous debates, punctuated by high-level keynotes from global medical leaders, sharing the stories behind the year's studies and results.



    Pr Faiez Zannad is introducing the CVCT :




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En quelques mots :


INI-CRCT “Investigation” Network Initiative – Cardiovascular and Renal Clinical Trialists”  est un réseau national et multidisciplinaire de recherche d’excellence. Il regroupe les meilleurs spécialistes français des maladies cardio-rénales (des cardiologues, des néphrologues, des méthodologistes, des anesthésistes réanimateurs des internistes, des chercheurs fondamentaux…) Ils travaillent ensemble pour améliorer le pronostic cardiovasculaire des patients insuffisants rénaux.


Nos objectifs : 

  • Etudier les interactions entre la maladie rénale chronique et les maladies cardiovasculaires
  • Identifier et valider des biomarqueurs comme nouveaux outils diagnostiques et de médecine personnalisée
  • Favoriser l’émergence de nouveaux projets académiques et industriels et en assurer la mise en place au niveau national et international


Pour nous trouver :




CRCT Cardiovascular & Renal Clinical Trialists



4, rue du Morvan 54500 VANDOEUVRE-LES-NANCY - FRANCE


Contact :  - +33 3 83 15 74 39